Ginuwine Declares Usher As The Undisputed King Of RnB

BY Edwin Lamptey January 27, 2024 4:41 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@ginuwine, @usher

In a recent interview with journalist Shirley Ju, Ginuwine declared that R&B musician, Usher, is, without doubt, the king of R&B.

When asked if he indulges in his music, he confessed to having an old soul, and he prefers the timeless croons of Marvin Gaye over his chart-toppers when it comes to setting the ambiance.

The musician went on to say that in addition to his playlist revelations, he is convinced Nas and Missy Elliot are in a class of their own, Usher comes out tops. 

According to Ginuwine, Usher has a unique way of cementing his place in the world of R&B and making a lasting impact. 

Ginuwine made a name for himself in the world of music as part of The Swing Mob in the early 90s. His solo work later in the decade Pony was his first solo music and peaked at No.6 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song also became a pop culture and a bedroom staple.

Even though he has never had a number-one album, he is a six-time platinum recording artiste. His albums, 100% Ginuwine and The Life both peaked in the top five, while The Senior and A Man’s Thoughts were top-ten albums. 

Even though he hasn’t released music since 2011, Ginuwine still performs regularly and is widely considered one the brightest stars of late 90s R&B.

In response to a question about his music being considered a sex symbol, Ginuwine noted that he started in 1990 and made it in 1996, and all he has tried to do was to make good music that comes from the heart. 

Ginuwine also addressed how he felt about women throwing their underwear on stage. “I never really strategically planned anything like that, but I always remembered my mom back in the days saying, ‘The ladies used to throw panties for Marvin Gaye.’ I never really planned that, but I welcomed that of course.”