Mary J. Blige Finds Love Again Following Tumultuous Marriage And Divorce – “No, I’m Not Single”

BY Edwin Lamptey January 26, 2024 9:05 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@therealmaryjblige

Following the finalization of her divorce in 2018 from Kendu Isaacs, who was her husband for 15 years, many of Mary J. Blige’s fans presumed she had been single all these years, but that has proven to be untrue. 

The queen of hip-hop soul has, in a recent interview, revealed that she is no longer single. 

Opening up to Bigg Tigger for Audacy Check-In, she announced that “No I’m not single. I’m happily doing what I’m doing.”

Reports show that the question about the 53-year-old’s love life stemmed from a conversation about her new single Still Believe In Love.

It is further believed that Blige wrote the song when she was freshly divorced. She explained that “I needed something different, something positive other than what was going on in my life. I had to believe in myself.”

The New York native also revealed that she believed her fans needed to directly the latest development in her love life from her, as she is happy about the prospects of the future after having gone through a lengthy divorce process. 

Blige went on to say that her patience and ability to forgive were tested to the limit throughout the process but she prides herself in being able to be nice to the people that hurt her. 

Sharing a piece of advice with her fans, she noted that it isn’t necessary to reconcile in such situations, but forgiveness and moving on are key to healing. In her opinion, working hard and watching God shower her with blessings ranks high on the list of objectives she considers important. 

The legendary musician also indicated in the course of the interview that her long-awaited boot line would soon be in production, and fans can expect it to reach retailers in a year or two.

However, she assured her fans that they wouldn’t have to wait that long for a new track, as she expects to finalize work on that by the summer