Tina Knowles Speaks After Being Accused Of Liking ‘Shady’ Post Comparing Beyoncé And Janet Jackson Ticket Prices (Watch)

BY Edwin Lamptey January 24, 2024 7:35 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@beyonce, @mstinaknowles, @janetjackson

Tina Knowles has set the records straight after being accused of liking a “shady post” that compared ticket prices of Beyoncé and Janet Jackson

The post on Instagram sought to create the impression that Jackson shouldn’t be charging the same prices as Beyoncé, and therefore created the impression that the two musicians are at different levels of success. 

The incident occurred on Monday, January 22, 2024, when a friend of Ms. Knowles published a post on Instagram that featured VIP and meet-and-greet concert ticket prices for Janet Jackson, and she compared them to Beyoncé’s prices. The image showed a few options in rows 1-3 for about $2100-$2400.

The person went ahead to post: “What a joke… They add $1,000 for a 15-second meet-and-greet again. No front row for fans unless you want to bend over so they can continue to rake in the cash. You want Beyoncé ticket prices, have real production. Just disgusted. I’m not the only one… Oh, the DMs I’m getting. Way to thank your fans for years of support.”

The friend went ahead to comment that Beyoncé gives almost three hours of performance and Jackson gives the minimum hour and a half. 

In the list of Instagram users who liked the post was Tina Knowles and that is what triggered a storm on the platform. 

A social media user concluded that Knowles and her friend are weird for shading Jackson and that they are simply jealous of Jackson’s meet and greet/VIP prices.

Another social media user was of the view that Janet Jackson has been in the entertainment industry for 50 years, and is still selling out tours. The user went on to say that most people could only hope and pray for a career like hers and as such there is a basis to compare the two artistes. This, the user went on, is the reason fans were disappointed in Tina Knowles in the first place. 

Taking to Instagram to set the records straight, Knowles, in a video, noted that she is fully aware of what goes into producing a song, and she would therefore never criticize an artiste, let alone Janet Jackson and her family, who are the first family of music. 

She added that her action was a big mistake and as such, she would never do something of that nature again.