Cory Hardrict: Tia Mowry’s Ex-husband Says He’s “Back Outside”; Stars In New Tyler Perry Movie (Watch)

BY Dora Abena Dzaka June 22, 2024 7:23 PM EDT
Photo Source: Facebook/@Cory Hardrict

Cory Hardrict, the ex-husband of Tia Mowry, is starring in a new black movie titled Divorce in the Black co-starred by Meagan Good and directed by Tyler Perry. 

In a thriller, a young bank employee is depicted as being saddened when her husband leaves their marriage, even before they get a chance to know each other properly.

In a statement made while promoting the film at the American Black Film Festival, Hardrict said that playing the part had helped him get over his recent breakup and Tia Mowry’s divorce.

He made a joke about being “back outside,” which made a lot of people believe he might be ready to start dating. 

Hardrict says Perry called him personally to play the role of the husband, whom he declares is nothing like him.

When asked if playing the character helped him heal or had any type of revelation in his personal life by an audience member, he said, “I would say that the characters Dallas and Cory, like, they’re in no way the same. But this character is out there in the world”.

“So, I felt like when I look at a character, I see what I could bring to it—some type of authenticity, some rawness, some truths. I felt like it was all there, so, like I said, without getting into my personal life, I just feel like we all go through things in life, and sometimes you need outlets,” Hardrict continued. 

“This film was a big outlet for me to get it all out and put it all into the camera. So, every emotion that I was channeling during those times I was able to display, it was real and it was honest,” he explained. 

“We all felt it on set. All our performances were honest because you know we have those emotions built up, and that’s what was so great about doing this movie.”

Then he burst out and said, “So, yeah, it helped me out. I’m blessed and highly favored. I’m outside. Listen, I’m excited. I ain’t been outside in ten years.”

He later clarified, saying he is not really “outside” but that he is “working.”

However, since the movie made its debut, many believed that Perry exploited both Hardrict and Good’s recent divorces in his latest project. 

While Cory Hardrict finalized his marriage of 14 years to Tia Mowry in April 2023, his co-star, Meagan Good, tied the knot with DeVon Franklin in June 2012, but their marriage ended in June 2022. 

Divorce in the Black Official Trailer