Rick Ross Lookalike ‘Fools’ White Lady, Videos Go Viral: “I Played The Part”

BY JO Mensah December 18, 2023 7:51 PM EDT
Rick Ross
Rick Ross Photo source: Instagram/@richforever

A Rick Ross lookalike, known as Darceal Gates, got a woman thinking she had met the rapper.

In a video which is fast going viral, the woman vacationing in the Mexican city of Cancun accidentally mistook Gates for the popular rapper, leading to a hilarious encounter.

The lookalike, also on holiday in Cancun, crossed paths with Hannah, a tourist from Wisconsin who was on vacation with her husband. Believing Gates was Rick Ross, known for hits like “Hustlin’,” she excitedly approached him.

Leaning into the case of mistaken identity, Gates channeled Ross by grunting and posing for pictures with the delighted fan. Gates documented the hilarious event on TikTok, where his video quickly went viral.

“She’s from Wisconsin, her and her husband thought I was Rick Ross so I played the part LMMFAO,” Gates captioned his video, in which he did Rozay’s signature grunt while posing with the unsuspecting woman.

Friendship struck on mistaken Rick Ross identity

The friendship did not end there. Gates reunited with Hannah at the breakfast buffet the next morning, capturing another humorous encounter for TikTok.

I’m with Hannah. She just spotted me, Rick Ross,” Gates declared in-character, encouraging Hannah to confirm the run-in on camera. Gates even jokingly referred to Hannah as his “groupie,” grunting in signature Ross fashion.

Rick Ross part2: When she wakes up and realizes hey you’re not Rick Ross. For full story, watch previous video. #rickross #ross #maybachmusic #maybach #boss #lmaoo

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Rick Ross’ new lover stirs controversy

Meanwhile, in a bid to motivate her fans to aspire to higher heights in life, Cristina Mackey, girlfriend Rick Ross has generated controversy online. 

Taking to Instagram, Mackey shared photos of herself and her new boyfriend, including one in which the pair appeared to be kissing in front of a private jet.

She went ahead to caption the photos with the words: “Use it as motivation,” but the reactions to the photos may not have been what she expected.