Nia Long & Ime Udoka: A Look At The Divorce Ruling And Child Support Settlement

BY Dora Dzaka January 25, 2024 6:20 PM EDT

In the custody dispute between Nia Long and Ime Udoka, a judge has granted the actress monthly support in addition to the majority of their child’s parenting time.

After filing for divorce in 2022 due to allegations of adultery, the actress and NBA coach settled in court on Monday. A judge approved a custody arrangement that outlines who will pay what and who their son will live with or spend the majority of his time with.

The couple went through their financials — as did the court — and found Ime makes way more money coaching the Houston Rockets right now than Nia does…noting he’s got more than $400k in net monthly disposable income, whereas the actress only got about $20k.

Per the documents obtained by TMZ, it’s actually Nia who’ll be receiving monthly child support – and even though the court said she might be entitled to upwards of $56k … the parents ended up landing on about half of that, with Ime agreeing to pay her $32,500/month.

They will still have joint legal custody going forward, but Nia will have primary physical custody and be allowed reasonable visitation with Ime when time and schedule allow.

They mention in their documents that Ime travels frequently with the team and that everyone benefits from this arrangement. Everything else about their child, Kez, is quite equal.

Recall that Nia filed for almost exactly this scenario back in August, and earlier this month, she and Ime reached a settlement that included these very parameters. Now that the court has entered the ruling and approved it, she has everything in writing.

On the surface, it appears that everyone is content, which is all that can be desired.