Young Thug’s Defense Plays Rich Gang Song “Lifestyle” In Court During Cross-Examination To Make Case

BY Edwin Lamptey January 12, 2024 8:21 PM EDT
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Young Thug’s ongoing trial has led to several unusual incidents, the latest being a video of one of his songs being played in court. 

The musician’s defense team played a video of his 2014 Rich Gang song, Lifestyle, with almost everyone in the courtroom watching in silence. 

The high-profile nature of the case has crossed paths with his public history, and the video forms part of the cross-examination of Tick, a co-founder of YSL. 

Tick’s testimony in the last few days led to unusual moments in the case, as he made significant revelations about the label. 

Thug’s lawyers have also gone ahead to pose questions relating to celebrities such as LeBron James, Serena Williams, and Lil Wayne, and references have been made to tattoos and handshakes. 

These, according to reports, come off as attempts to muddy the waters over his more specific claims of gang affiliations in his original examination by the prosecution. However, the trial was delayed before cross-examination on Tick could be concluded.

The judge nonetheless requested for everyone involved in the case to get the appropriate flu shots and vaccinations they needed to prevent illness from causing further delays in the trial.

This stems from the fact that sickness has been a major challenge the judge has had to deal with since the trial began, as several incidents of health issues have been recorded. 

In a related incident, Thug’s lawyer reportedly upset the judge by describing the proceedings as a “farce”

This did not go down well with the judge who responded by saying that the lawyer’s choice of words was unfortunate. 

This was followed by another exchange of words after the prosecution objected to the form in which Thug’s lawyer asked a question. 

He was however asked to resume his seat after he registered his displeasure about the matter.