Body Cam Footage Details How Young Thug’s Jail Cell Was Searched Back In 2022

BY Edwin Lamptey February 1, 2024 2:54 PM EDT
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Even as his YSL RICO case makes progress, footage from a body cam suggests that the jail cell in which musician, Young Thug was kept, was searched back in 2022.

A loss in the case could mean decades to be spent in prison, and in an unusual turn of events, the use of lyrics in his trial could set a dangerous precedent for the future of hip-hop.

His fans are optimistic that a win for Young Thug would help preserve artistic expression, and then again, there is the fact that a good number of his fans wish he would be around to actively release music for as long as possible.

The news of the invasion of his privacy has caused a stir online following a leakage of video of the act. This caused mixed reactions, especially as it came from body cams worn by police officers.

Official reports indicate that the officers were simply doing routine checks for contraband, and they focused on magazines, books and the cell’s wall, which contained a plethora of photographs, one of which was of Jerrika Karlae, his ex.

In other news, musician, Meek Mill, has shared his opinion on Young Thug’s ongoing trial. 

In Mill’s view, lyrics in songs composed by Young Thug and YFN Lucci shouldn’t be used against them in court. He explained that a song could have more than one writer, and the intentions of the artists aren’t always reflected in the songs. 

“It should be impossible to charge thug and lucci for lyrics because in the studio we all give each other lines and don’t remember who said what after a high night in the studio…. I have done it with both of them … they both gave me lyrics b4… we all do this!” Meek argued.

The trial was postponed to the year 2024 after one of Young Thug’s co-defendants was stabbed in prison.

According to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, on the evening of Sunday, December 10, 2023, a fight occurred between Willie Brown and Shannon Jackson at the Rice Street Jail. During the fight, Jackson was stabbed multiple times by Brown. It is unknown what led to the fight.