T-Pain Reveals How Leaked Reference Track Ruined Chance To Work With Michael Jackson And Usher

BY JO Mensah January 31, 2024 11:24 PM EDT
T-Pain Photo source

T-Pain is known for his hit songs and his use of auto-tune, but he also has a knack for writing and producing catchy tunes for other artists.

However, one of his most ambitious projects never came to fruition, and he recently shared the heartbreaking story of how it all fell apart.

In a clip posted on YouTube, T-Pain revealed that he had written and produced a song that was meant for him, Usher, and Michael Jackson. The song, which he played a snippet of, sounded like a potential smash hit, with a catchy hook and a smooth groove.

He explained that he had sent the song to Usher, who loved it and agreed to be on it. He also said that Michael Jackson had heard the song and expressed interest in joining the collaboration.

However, the dream team never materialized because someone leaked the reference track online. T-Pain said that the person who sang the reference vocals got too excited and bragged about being on a song with three superstars. He then released the song on the internet without T-Pain’s permission or knowledge.

This angered Michael Jackson, who decided to back out of the project. T-Pain said that he was devastated by the turn of events, and that he still has the original song on his hard drive.

T-Pain’s fans were equally shocked and saddened by the story, and many expressed their sympathy and support for him. They also praised the song and said that they wished it had been officially released.