Nate Dogg: Late Rapper’s $2.7m Estate To Be Equally Split Between Wife And Nine Kids

BY Dora Dzaka February 3, 2024 2:18 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook/Nate Dogg 213

Nate Dogg whose real name was Nathaniel Dwayne Hale passed away in 2011 without a will rendering his estate intestate. Nate left behind nine children and an allegedly almost-divorced wife LaToya Calvin.

After his death LaToya was said to have seized control of Nate’s assets and money, however, Naijiel Hale, the rapper’s son, hurried to court to oppose the request. 

He said that LaToya was to blame for the vehicle accident that seriously hurt Nate. Naijiel also said that his father’s stroke from the collision contributed to his demise.

Furthermore, he asserted that before his passing, Nate Dogg had split from LaToya. Although Nate filed for divorce, the matter remained unresolved.

In the final report, the administrator declared that all outstanding bills and debts had been paid permitting the eventual settlement of Nate Dogg’s inheritance. This is to ensure that the surviving widow and children of the late legend receive a substantial sum.

According to court documents, an evaluation of Nate Dogg’s estate revealed that $2.7 million was its final value. The money will be split evenly between Nate’s wife, LaToya Calvin, and his nine children, according to the probate judge’s directive to the estate administrator.

Furthermore, the estate administrator has confirmed that Nate has fulfilled all of his financial commitments. This involves paying off outstanding bills, most notably an IRS bill for $144,000. This settlement puts an end to the bitter legal dispute over the late legend’s inheritance because it leaves the surviving family members with no responsibilities.

As such, there were no special accommodations made for the offspring he fathered by other women. LaToya Calvin, who was Nate’s spouse at the time of his passing, appointed herself as executor. Since then, there has been a court battle between LaToya and Nate’s children, who claim that the late singer had planned to get a divorce from Calvin before his passing.

The kids provided proof to back up their allegation, stating that Nate Dogg had filed for divorce just 19 days before he passed away. The ongoing legal dispute resulted from Calvin’s legal recognition as Nate’s wife even though their divorce was not formalized. This gave Calvin a beneficiary position in the estate.

LaToya and the kids will each receive a portion of the $2.8 million. LaToya will get thirty percent of the estate, Naijiel ten percent, and the remaining eight children seventy-seven percent.

The children are identified as Aundrane Hale, Naijiel Hale, Jaydon Hale, Xavier Hale, Milana Hale, Whitney Bruce, Debra Harris, and Sianna Lind.