M.I.A ‘Attacks’ Jay-Z, Roc Nation, Beyoncé And President Joe Biden Over Custody Of Her Son

BY Edwin Lamptey February 12, 2024 2:49 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@miamatangi, @beyonce

British artiste, Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam MBE widely known as M.I.A, has launched an attack on Jay-Z, Roc Nation, Beyoncé, and her sister, Solange, as well as some governments, corporations, and forces who have allegedly sabotaged her. 

Soon after the Carters made the headlines during the Grammys, 48-year-old M.I.A unleashed a storm on Twitter telling a story of how she was prevented from seeing her son. 

She also spoke of how corporations, governments, and powerful individuals have succeeded in silencing her.

According to the rapper and record producer, United States President, Joe Biden, is also playing a role in efforts to ensure she doesn’t see her son. She revealed that it appears she has to wait for a Republican to be president before she gets access to her son. 

Information available shows that her son was caught stealing food when he was 18 years and she was too poor to take care of him. She added the government gives the impression it is comfortable keeping her child with a family convicted for child trafficking and sex occults. 

M.I.A, clearly having more to say, added that she continues to pay taxes to the government, has shown support for whistleblower, Julian Assange, on several occasions, and has been to the United States on numerous occasions. 

The difference, she noted, was that she called for a ceasefire and spoke up against genocide and ethnic cleansing. Now, she added, she is forced to choose between her son and speaking up for what she believes is right. 

According to her, her first custody battle was in 2013, when her son was 4 years old. At that time, she went on, she was managed by Jay-Z, who was ultimately paid by the Bronfmans, one of whom was businessman, Benjamin Bronfman, and the father of her child. 

M.I.A wrapped up by saying that her Mathangi record was buried in 2013 and she subsequently sacrificed her career for her child. It did not end there; she alleged that her style was copied and given to others as she was banned on every platform.