Sophia Idahosa: Content Creator Behind Viral “Christian BBL” Reveals Her Abdomen Is Infected: “I Never Intended To Belittle God”

BY Dora Abena Dzaka February 12, 2024 1:54 PM EDT
Photo Credit" Instagram @sophiologyofficial

Sophia Idahosa, a Texas-based content creator went viral discussing her “Christian BBL,” which generated tons of backlash. She also claimed to have received a barrage of hate mail and criticism for her body-altering endeavors.

The socialite is however back in the spotlight after disclosing that her post-operative life has not been nearly as glamorous as her pictures and videos would have people think.

Idahosa underwent lipo 360 and fat transfer to her hips in December 2023, having already shed forty pounds that year. She faced criticism from her Nigerian family and Christian supporters after disclosing her decision to have plastic surgery. She renamed her process the “Christian BBL” to be sardonic while responding to critics. 

After her procedure, Sophia said, “I knew it would cause trouble on YouTube, oh for sure, but I had no idea it would cross all social media from TikTok to Twitter or X.” “I never intended to make fun of God,” she said.

This content creator revealed in her most recent lifestyle vlog on YouTube, where she goes by Sophiology, that she had been in pain for weeks during her recuperation and had thus sought medical assistance.

A dermatologist found an infection on her abdomen, essentially making her extremely ill, feeble, and unable to heal as she ought to.

“She advised me to take it easy and gave me antibiotics and topical scar treatments,” Sophia noted.

Consequently, she was forced to cancel her post-operative massages and follow-up visits with her Houston-based surgeon, Dr. Calvin Jung. Sophia Idahosa went into more detail about the cause of her health problems in other sections of the one-hour video.

She informed her audience, “I discovered that I have an infection from my faja.” A faja is a garment designed to contour the body, which is supposed to reduce pain, swelling, and aid in healing following surgery. Problems are known to arise when clothing is worn improperly, such as when a faja is too tight.

Sophia Idahosa continued to get ready for a date even though she was in pain.

“Even though I’m in a lot of pain right now and am disappointed that this is even happening, I’m glad I have medication and other things to help with it,” she continued.

The 25-year-old went on to say that her well-known vlog about her “Christian BBL” attracted Christian fans who chastised her for changing her appearance in the name of the Bible.

“That’s how I was able to get a Christian BBL. I anticipated trouble from it. I never intended to belittle God in any manner. Never. Leave religion out of it. I’m not against plastic surgery at all, but let’s be real, God did not tell you to get surgery.”

She hasn’t expressed even the slightest hint of regret throughout. In an upcoming video, Sophia Idahosa will answer questions and discuss her healing journey—which she estimates will take about six months—for those who are interested.