Blogger Jason Lee Alleges ‘Black Media Snub’ At Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour?

BY Dora Abena Dzaka December 13, 2023 10:32 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Jason Lee

The founder of Hollywood Unlocked and blogger Jason Lee has claimed black media was snubbed at the Renaissance Tour.

The blogger was of the assertion that Beyoncé and her crew disregarded black media-owned outlets during the singer’s Renaissance Tour and failed to uphold their mission of inclusivity.

The backlash sparked by bloggers was previously covered on Lee’s podcast on December 1.

Artiste Jason’s most recent tour has received praise for its cultural significance in the LGBTQ+ and black communities.

After earning over $500 million from her most recent Renaissance tour, Beyoncé has popped up for criticism. The singer was highly praised for bringing attention to black performers and inviting multiple black artistes to her documentary’s premiere. Jason Lee, though, didn’t appear to be grateful for the Love On Top singer.

Regarding Beyoncé’s documentary Renaissance’s red carpet debuts, Jason Lee stated that more black journalists should have been invited.

Jason Lee not only mocked Beyoncé for not having a more impressive guest list, but he also made a comparison between her and fellow singer Rihanna. Regarding the founder of Fenty Beauty’s connection to culture, he stated:

“I believe that people can relate to Rihanna more. since she is culturally aware. She is aware of the situation. She is acquainted with those influencing culture”.

Lee continued by saying that since he had paid $40,000 for tickets to three of Beyoncé’s Renaissance concerts, he should have been invited to the premiere.

He continued by discussing other ways he had backed the Grammy winner. Lee later revealed private information about the Diva singer, though, hiding his face with a piece of paper and having the audio censored.

Lee divulged shocking information, while the co-hosts seemed taken aback by what he said.

“In the game, we’re friends. What would happen if I posted that on Hollywood Unlocked? You understand what I mean? So that’s what Beyoncé could have given me? It seems like there ought to be some love there. The blogger continued by saying that Yvette Noel-Shure, Beyoncé’s longtime publicist, was aware of how he had helped the Halo singer.

“Yvette is aware of… I’ve kept the receipts. I gave Yvette the receipts; she knows. Lee affirmed, “I got them.”

“I’m currently attempting to schedule Kelly Rowland. There will be an issue if Kelly Rowland doesn’t understand me because I said this at that point. I’m then distributing receipts. After I tell you all about the receipts, I’ll take those out”.

Many people were still curious as to what Lee knew, but YouTuber Murad Merali suggested that it might have something to do with Beyoncé or Jay Z cheating on each other.