Joe Budden And Crew Delete Diddy’s Segment From Their Podcast; Here’s Why

BY Dora Abena Dzaka November 24, 2023 5:06 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Joe Budden

Recently, Joe Budden and his team discussed the Diddy situation on their podcast, and their opinions were somewhat controversial.

They raised some eyebrows online because they felt they didn’t need to bolster people’s disapproval with their own criticisms, and as a result, the team deleted that particular section of their conversation from social media and other platforms.

Joe is known not to be a pushover, so the deleted segment got people talking, but he has given an explanation as to why he thought it was necessary to delete their opinions on Diddy from his podcast.

It appears that he wants to avoid getting into legal issues with Sean Combs, who he said is an admirer of their show.

“Oh, dude. “Well, I deleted the Diddy segment for legal reasons,” Joe Budden said as he started to explain his decision. I had a lot of reasons for doing it. But the legal part comes first and foremost. This setup isn’t going to be clipped off and attached to any old story or narrative you feel like. I’ve spent a lot of time on the internet”.

“Prior to the birth of some of you there, I was aware of how it operated and how the blog sites functioned during a slow weekend. And because they primarily use me to do it, I have firsthand knowledge of what they do. I’m in my little hut somewhere, and they go dig up something—not that I’m trying to give them nothing. “They say that you are responding to something you are not responding to; they take one piece, and if they think you are talking about it, they put some text,” Joe Budden went on to say.

“Secondly, what if all the stuff he’s being accused of was done by that n***a? As in, in the hearsay. How come I would like to inherit that? What if some of that stuff was done by him? The violent stuff, that is. That’s what you said. Stop it; this is real s**t happening; this isn’t the time for your Internet s**t. Why would you want to inherit that, if any of it is true? It sounds like a headache, and I’m not sure the reward justifies the risk. And third, I don’t think last week was a good time if some people didn’t think Cassie had a point when she was suing for a civil suit.

“It doesn’t seem like something a responsible podcast could do,” he said.

“Fourth, there are a lot of them; I could do this all day! This podcast is listened to by that n***a! It implies that there is a responsibility involved if you have never been the target of allegations or stories made public about you, and you are now required to listen to the news cycle of individuals you know and how they cover it. Nevertheless, as I mentioned earlier, the Internet affords the luxury of opinion formation. Although he may not have done it, I believe that n***a did. Whatever your opinion may be, however, as of now, I will speak for myself without providing any evidence.”