Is Lauryn Hill’s Cancellation Of Remaining Dates Of “Miseducation” Tour A Hit-or-Miss Move?

BY Dora Abena Dzaka November 23, 2023 7:09 PM EDT
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After announcing a few weeks earlier to an audience in Los Angeles that they were lucky she made it on stage every night, Lauryn Hill declared that she would be taking a vocal strain break until next year.

This raises the question of whether Lauryn Hill canceling the remaining dates of the “Miseducation” tour is a move worth taking.

The 48-year-old hit singer announced on Tuesday night via an Instagram Reel that the 25th-anniversary tour honoring her Grammy-winning album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill—which her band, The Fugees have been co-headlining with Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel—is being postponed.

She shared the news along with a video of herself performing on stage while wearing an enormous black feather hat, a black blazer, and a floor-length black skirt.

“Let me begin by expressing how much I’ve loved being on the road and how grateful I am to all of the fans who have joined us in celebrating this amazing milestone anniversary and historic reunion. It has been a moving experience to be able to tour this album to sold-out venues after 25 years! Sharing the stage once more with Wyclef and Pras has been a pleasure. Those who have witnessed the return of the Fugees can attest to its power and amazing nature,” she posted on Instagram.

Hill then talked about her recent vocal problems before saying that the tour has served as a reminder of less complicated times.

“As many of you may be aware, I’ve spent the last month dealing with severe vocal strain. I took the prescribed prednisone to get through each show, but when taken in large doses over extended periods of time, this can be harmful to the body. I need to take some time off to allow for actual vocal recovery so that I can stop the medication entirely in order to avoid any long-term negative effects on my voice and my body,” she said.

“The shows that were postponed this year will now take place in early 2024, and due to the tremendous response, we’ll be expanding the tour to include additional cities abroad. We’re now developing the new calendar and will make an announcement shortly,” wrote Hill.

The Doo-Wop singer went on to say that the November 25 concert in Philadelphia will “still be happening.”

“We already had to move this show once, and being so close to New Jersey, it’s basically hometown for us—so we’ll close out the year with one final show amongst friends and family!” she stated.