Ludacris Returning To Music After 8-Year Hiatus, See Details Of New Project

BY JO Mensah November 21, 2023 8:31 PM EDT
Ludacris Photo source: Instagram/@ludacris

American rapper Ludacris, born Christopher Brian Bridges, is set to make comeback into music after eight years away.

In an exclusive interview with BET, the Area Code hitmaker revealed that he is gearing up for a major musical comeback.

He disclosed that he will be releasing the new project in 2024 but does not know if would be an album or not.

“Yeah, some music projects will be coming out next year. I don’t wanna fake, I don’t wanna stutter-step. I don’t wanna be like [André] 3000 and say, I got an album coming out. I don’t know. It’s definitely some music coming next year, but I don’t know if it’s like an EP or an LP. We’re going to figure it out.”

While the past years have seen Ludacris immerse himself in various life experiences, music enthusiasts have eagerly awaited his return to the industry.

“I’ve done a lot of living in the past eight years, but one thing I haven’t done is release any new music,” Ludacris shared candidly.

He expressed his genuine desire to re-enter the music scene authentically, without any pretense or hesitation. “It’s time to get back into the game,” he declared.

As fans anticipate the long-awaited return of Ludacris to the studio, the artist remains transparent about his approach.

“Yeah, some music projects will be coming out next year. I don’t wanna fake, I don’t wanna stutter-step,” Ludacris assured his audience.

The sincerity in his words reflects a commitment to delivering music that resonates with both his long-time supporters and new listeners alike. While Ludacris confirmed the impending release of new music, he remains open about the format.

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