André 3000 Gears Up For Release Of Debut Solo Project “New Blue Sun”

BY Edwin Lamptey November 16, 2023 3:23 PM EDT
Andre 3000 at a recording session in Santa Monica. May 2022. Photo by Aiko Tanaka

André ‘3000’ Benjamin has promised fans a rap-free debut solo LP, “New Blue Sun”, which he says would be marked by flute instrumentals. 

André ‘3000’ revealed that the solo LP, which would be released on Friday, November 17, 2023, is his first complete studio project in almost twenty years. 

In an interview with NPR, the musician explained that instruments such as a flute, contrabass, Mayan, bamboo, and other digital wind instruments would feature prominently in the upcoming 87-minute musical experience. 

Co-produced by 3000 and multi-instrumentalist Carlos Niño, the project features other instrumentalists such as Deantoni Parks, Matthew David, V.C.R.Diego GaetaJesse Peterson, and Mia Doi Todd. 

The Grammy Award-winning emcee who was one-half of the iconic rap duo, Outkast, during his hiatus from Hip-Hop, established a reputation for playing his flute as he moved around. 

According to him, “I laugh at it because my homies in Atlanta, we’ll talk, and they’ll be like, man, you know n—gas think you crazy to f—k around with this flute.” 

He went on to say: “And I’m always in on the joke. So, don’t ever think that I don’t know how people think or look at me in a certain way. I understand. If I was on the outside, I would feel the same way.”

Earlier this year, the rapper took the world by storm with a verse on Killer Mike’s single, Scientists & Engineers.

In his verse, the Outkast emcee notes that “all I know is when the portrait paintеd, better have your portion of thе rent/ A dollar more and you will get upgraded when you’ve think you’ve made it, you are then / Just tolerated, overrated, hope I’m 80 when I get my second wind.”

Andre’s verse, mixed with Future’s angelic chorus and supported by Eryn Allen Kane, makes for the perfect set up for Mike’s verse, which is also excellent and fast-paced – almost in a double-time manner.