Will Smith’s Team Respond to Actor’s Intimate Affair With Duane Martin; Here’s What They Said

BY Nii Ogbamey Tetteh November 15, 2023 7:51 PM EDT
Source: @jadapinkettsmith @willsmith

The crew of the Bad Boys actor, Will Smith, has firmly debunked allegations in the wake of wild rumors that the Hollywood actor is bisexual and had an affair with actor Duane Martin.

Brother Bilaal, a former assistant to Will Smith, set the internet ablaze when he alleged that the Wild Wild West actor was engaging in intimate relations with actor Duane Martin.

Speaking during an interview with Tasha K that aired on YouTube on Monday, November 13, 2023, Brother Bilaal said he accidentally walked in on Will Smith intimately engaged with Duane Martin.

However, a spokesman for Will Smith vigorously refuted these assertions, highlighting how entirely false they were.

The representative stated that such baseless accusations not only harm the dignity of those involved but also promote harmful gossip.

The other actor, Duane Martin has decided to remain silent on this whole scandal but the Fresh Prince star is believed to be preparing to take legal action against Bilaal’s baseless and severe accusations.

The actor’s representatives are passionate to deny the accusations and protect Smith’s reputation from what they smell to be an untrue and harmful plot.

“This story is completely fabricated and the claim is unequivocally false,” the rep said.

This revelation has taken many by surprise with some linking the said allegation to the reason why Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett have been having several issues in their marriage with Jada disclosing that they have been separated since 2016.

For this reason, Jada said she was surprised when Will slapped comedian Chris Rock on stage at the 2022 Academy Awards for making a joke about her alopecia.

Speaking in a recent interview with Hoda Kotb, Jada Pinkett admitted that she was taken aback when Will Smith referred to her as his wife because he had not done that in a long while.