Snoop Hits Gold With Impressive Marketing Stunt Following ‘Unexpected’ Decision To Quit Smoking; Here’s Why (Video)

BY Dora Abena Dzaka November 21, 2023 2:56 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Snoop Dogg (20985800573).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Rapper and actor Snoop Dogg made headlines last week when he revealed he’s “giving up smoking,” which he noted in a social media post last Thursday, November 16.

“After much consideration and conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoking. Please respect my privacy at this time,” considering his history of promoting marijuana.

And while it seemed hard to believe, many at the time didn’t quite dive into the semantics of what the West Coast rapper said – which has turned out to be an impressive marketing stunt and has left fans reacting to the finesse.

Snoop Dogg got smokers off their rolls with his quitting smoking announcement, which had nothing to do with one of his favorite hobbies but had to do with a promotion and was just enough of an open door to reveal his latest product endorsement.

The Drop It Like Its Hot rapper debuted the ad video on his Instagram account on Monday, November 20th.

Tha Doggfather was seen in a video saying: “I have an announcement: I’m giving up smoking. I know what you are thinking: ‘Snoop, smoke is kind of your whole thing.’ But I’m done with it. Done with the coughing and my clothes smelling all sticky-icky. I’m going smokeless.”

That’s right, the ad is for a smokeless fire pit. “I’m done with smoke. I’m going smokeless with @solostove. #ad,” he captioned the post.

Snoop has partnered with Solo Stove, a manufacturer of smokeless stoves that currently sells a Snoop stove.

It was a very effective marketing gimmick that attracted a ton of attention and free media. This campaign may one day be taught in marketing classes at business schools.

When Snoop went smokeless, millions of people took it to mean that the most well-known smoker in America was giving up the habit.

Today, millions of Snoop fans know what Solo Stoves are. Before all of this, many had never heard of them.

The campaign received far more publicity from having Snoop pretend to be quitting smoking than it would have from a more conventional rollout.

Additionally, the campaign’s exact wording complements the product and emphasizes its message of quitting smoking. Following the revelation, we were reminded of Snoop’s declaration that he was going to be smokeless,” not weedless, which underlines smokeless in the consumer’s mind.