K Michelle Weighs In On Beyonce Fans Thinking She’s Jealous Of Singer’s Foray Into Country Music Following Announcement Of New Album

BY Dora Dzaka February 13, 2024 4:35 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @K Michelle

K Michelle is refusing to play against Beyoncé after fans expressed worry about her mental health on social media in response to the singer’s announcement that she would be releasing a country album.

Azealia Banks posted a tweet asking if “anyone checked on” her amid the anticipation for Queen Bee’s next album.

The singer replied, saying she was not worried about Beyoncé breaking into the genre.

“Why would someone want to see how I’m doing? “I’m among the best African American country singers ever, and my album isn’t even out yet,” K Michelle retorted.

“Y’all have been mentioning me all night,’ the musician continued. Simply put, I’m flattered to be mentioned in my genre. I adore Beyoncé, and I’ll continue to stand by her side as always”.

Everything started when Beyonce revealed she was working on a new country music album in the Verizon Super Bowl commercial this past weekend.

Her longtime troll, Azealia Banks, swiftly criticized the mother of three on Instagram, predicting that the 32-time Grammy winner was setting herself up for mockery.

“Those who criticize Jay-Z won’t just put up with his ugly blonde wig and bullying from him!” It’s giving off a lot of musical vaporwave. Banks fired, saying, “Yes, black girls can make country music, but you’re just really not hitting the button.”

“Please stop the madness, Beyoncé,” she continued. The attempts to carefully break into a genre *you think* your popularity will help you gain recognition in, with your gay-baiting, the blatantly narcissistic attempts… You appear to be a foodie, sis. Michelle will tear you up, and you will gag”.

K Michelle, who goes by the stage name Puddin, released her debut country single, Scooch, two years ago. Her first country album has been a focus of hers, and it should be out this year.

In November last year, Michelle and Jelly Roll’s performance of The Judds’ Love Can Build a Bridge at the 57th Annual Country Music Association Awards won them overwhelmingly positive reviews.