Here’s Why Kanye West Is Attempting To Buy Out Lil Durk’s Label Contract

BY Edwin Lamptey November 28, 2023 12:42 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@kanyewestfans, @lildurk

Rumors swirling in the entertainment industry have led to the perception that music mogul, Kanye West, is attempting to buy out Lil Durk’s label contract. 

However, there have been no official statements from either side with regard to the proposed deal. 

On the few occasions the two musicians have teamed up to produce good hits, fans have attested that their output was indeed special. 

One of those moments landed on Ye’s 2021 record, Donda.

Jonah, one of the more emotionally deep cuts on the record, was certainly a slept-on moment in the track list, as well as unarguably one of the most controversial songs of the year, Vultures.

Some people are vibing with it, while others are disappointed in the final product, and this is mostly because of Kanye’s most talked about bar on the single.

How I’m anti-Semitic? I just fucked a Jewish b****,” has been the talk of the town. The track was also getting a lot of people upset due to the fact Lil Durk was left off on the initial release.  

The Chicago drill rapper was pretty upset about it, according to Revolt. He said on an Instagram Story, “Be lucky I’m humble. Look at it as your blessing.” 

While some were mad at Kanye for not including Durk, there is evidence to the fact that Durk’s label, Alamo Records, has had issues with the GOOD Music label before.

This reportedly dates back to when Durk was going to release a Kanye-assisted version of Almost Healed. Because of this, it seems that Ye is looking to buy out his Chicago friend’s contract. 

According to TMZ Hip Hop, Alamo Records CEO, Todd Moscowitz, also refused to clear an additional track that is going to be Kanye’s next album, assumedly with Ty Dolla $ign.

Revolt says there has not been much movement in getting this done at the moment. However, if this does go through, there could be lots of new music from the two superstars.