This Is How Much Steve Harvey Makes From All His Primetime Projects

BY Dora Dzaka November 27, 2023 11:17 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is an American comedian, writer, producer, actor, and television host who is listed among the highest-paid in showbiz.

The talk show host founded Steve Harvey Global, an entertainment company, which houses his production company East 112 and a number of other endeavors. 

Steve began performing stand-up comedy in the 1980s. After that, he starred in six seasons of his own TV comedy, “The Steve Harvey Show.”

He started hosting “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” on radio in 2000, and he has been doing so ever since.

Because of his diligence and hard work, he is extremely successful and wealthy and will be able to live a comfortable life for a very long time because of his wealth.

Harvey’s work as a radio broadcaster and host brings in a sizable salary. He earns about $45 million a year, of which about $10 million is from hosting a television program.

Every Family Feud episode that Steve Harvey hosts brings in a sizable sum of money. He reportedly makes roughly $20,000 for just thirty minutes of labor. There were 175 episodes in Season 21 and 200 episodes in Season 20 of the program – a total of 375 episodes in all.

Additionally, he makes a sizable income from social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. The primetime show host earns an estimated $50,000 from an Instagram-sponsored post, a possible  $25,000 every time he posts a video on TikTok, and he can make $15,000 by sharing a video on YouTube.

In addition, Steve serves as the Miss Universe Competition host.

Harvey was born in Welch, West Virginia, on January 17, 1957, and his estimated net worth is $200 million.

In addition to hosting Family Feud, he hosts a web talk show named Steve.