“Collect Call” Podcast: Akon Readies Lawsuit Following Suge Knight’s Rape Allegations

BY Dora Dzaka November 7, 2023 1:15 PM EDT
Photo Credit:Facebook @ AKON

Award-winning musician Akon plans to sue Suge Knight over the latter’s teenage rape claims made on a podcast which is themed, “Collect Call with Suge Knight”.

It is noteworthy that Knight and Akon have been bitter enemies for a long time. In a 2020 interview with VladTV, Akon stated that his conflict with the former CEO of Death Row Records was primarily about money.

This enmity has led to Suge Knight recently accusing the Grammy nominee of raping an underage teenage girl.

According to Knight, in his first episode of the Collect Call with Suge Knight podcast, the Senegalese-American singer had raped a 13-year-old girl and had done the same to another 12-year-old.

Knight stated that the teenagers are a friend and a sister to one of his female associates. Suge’s allegations against Akon of raping minors in the studio could put him in legal hot water.

In light of the allegations, Akon has written to the media outlet to declare his plan to sue Knight who is currently serving time. The Lonely singer says the accusations are untrue and that he was not ready to put up with the defamation. 

“I need to make it very clear that I deny these outrageous, false, and disgusting claims Suge Knight made on his podcast about me. I‘ve never called, received, or had any contact with Suge Knight since he has been incarcerated,” Akon’s letter read.

He finished off by saying: “It’s unfortunate that I have to defend myself from these lies, and I will be involving my legal team in filing a defamation lawsuit against Mr. Knight; my prayers for him will still continue.”

The 28-year prison term that the imprisoned Knight is currently serving stems from his 2018 no-contest plea to voluntary manslaughter concerning Terry Carter’s hit-and-run death in 2015.