Suge Knight and Akon ‘Trade Blows’ Over Rape Allegation Following First Episode Of “Collect Call” Podcast

BY Dora Abena Dzaka October 31, 2023 2:33 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Wikimeida Images Suge and Akon

The first episode of Suge Knight’s Collect Call With Suge Knight podcast, co-hosted by David Mays, founder of The Source and CEO of Breakbeat Media, debuted on October 24.

In the released podcast trailer, Suge talks about a few things, and in a recently released episode, Suge is heard in the taped jailhouse conversation, talking about his feud with Akon.

Knight revealed his animosity toward Akon and claimed the musician had raped two teenage girls. When the launch of the “Collect Call With Suge Knight” podcast was announced, it created quite a stir. It seems that internet users are eager to hear all the juicy details that will inevitably surface.

Suge Knight’s recent shocking claims that Akon sexually assaulted a teenage girl are among the most severe ones. He said that Akon and one of his associates, Producer Detail, raped two teenagers and that the girls confessed to his (Suge’s) “homegirl.” According to Suge, he advised the woman not to call the police.

Collect Call With Suge Knight Podcast Trailer

Akon has however responded to the allegations. The 50-year-old denied the claims in a statement that he shared on X Sunday, October 29, referring to them as “sad and embarrassing.”

The Senegalese singer commented on a clip from Knight’s new Collect Call podcast that was shared on social media on Saturday, October 28, saying, “The world knows a lie when they hear it.” The way this man is ending his life is regrettable. It’s extremely embarrassing and depressing.”

Despite their differences in the past and present, he continued, he still wishes the music executive behind bars well. “I’m still going to be praying for him, despite our past,” Akon added in his closing statement.

The feud between Akon and Suge Knight began in the late 2000s. Suge Knight was reportedly hospitalized in February 2009 after getting into a fight with Akon’s camp at the W Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, during an NBA All-Star weekend celebration. The assault is said to be attributed to Akon’s associate. A month after the NBA All-Star incident, Akon’s associate was robbed at gunpoint, and the police were informed that the incident was sparked by a disagreement with Suge Knight. This is when things got heated. Akon has not talked about it since.

Suge is anticipated to address Warren G, Wack 100, and other individuals in response to Snoop’s claim to ownership of Death Row Records among other topics in his Collect Call With Suge Knight podcast.

Dave Mays, CEO of Breakbeat Media and co-founder of Source Magazine, is supporting Suge in this endeavor, and he just discussed the program with TMZ.

Mays reassures listeners that the podcast is not just about “slinging mud,” but also about teaching young listeners from his experiences, both positive and negative.

Suge will talk about his turbulent friendships with Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Master P, Akon, and Wack 100. The one subject he claims he would not discuss is Keefe D’s detention in connection with the killing of 2Pac.