Fans Call Out Morgan Wallen For Being “Racist”; Upset With Drake For Working With Him

BY Dora Dzaka December 22, 2023 3:49 PM EDT
Photo Credit; X NFR Podcast @nfr_podcast

Drake has come under fire following the release of his “You Broke My Heart” music video on Wednesday, December 20.

Some of the Canadian rapper’s fans were offended when controversial singer Morgan Wallen made a brief appearance with the God’s Plan superstar in the video.

A video that was published by an outlet in February 2021, saw Wallen hanging out outside his Nashville home with a group of drunk and unruly friends. Due to how boisterous the group was, nearby residents started to record, which is how a Slur from Wallen slur got caught.

He was heard saying to a friend, “Take care of this p—a—mother—!! Take care of this —a—n—r,” before staggering in the direction of his house, trying to ensure that his friend made it home safely.

Wallen apologized at the time, labeling his use of the word “n—r” “unacceptable and inappropriate,” but his record company canceled his contract and his songs were taken off of multiple streaming platform playlists.

Wallen’s reputation has gradually improved, and several country music fans have forgotten his racist gaffe. Many others, though, are less inclined to overlook his actions and express disappointment in Drake for working with someone who would even consider using a racial slur.

Following that, followers of NFR Podcast used X to reply to tweets on the @nfr_podcast X account after it was announced that Morgan Wallen was to star in Drake’s new music video for “You Broke My Heart.” 

Check out some of the reactions on X below:

@_herbzz noted: “Why did he put that white racist in it?”

@MarcusB63387923 also wrote: “For one, he was drunk, and he called his white best friend. The Shii son said he was sorry, y’all, niggas, the one trippin”

@samh8876 opined: “It just broke my heart to see Morgan Wallen’s garbage ass”.

“Morgan Wallen said “N—a,” and Drake put him on track. Unbelievable,” said one of Drake’s critics on X.

“Morgan Wallen, the racist? Drake surely couldn’t be stooping this low for attention,” said another.

Another X user simply believes that Drake has ulterior motives for collaborating with Wallen.

@BarryCFC123 wrote, ‘’ I love Drake, but he’s such a culture vulture that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he started making country music to try to capitalize on the success Morgan Wallen has been having lately (who is trash, by the way)”.

Drake wouldn’t be the first rapper to collaborate with Morgan Wallen following his racist outburst. Last year, Lil Durk caught backlash for bringing Wallen out as a guest during his performance at the MLK Freedom Fest in Nashville.