Morgan Freeman: Fans Worried Over Latest Video Of Popular Actor; Ask If He Is Okay (Watch)

BY Dora Dzaka December 3, 2023 11:41 AM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Morgan Freeman

A video of American producer and actor Morgan Freeman walking in New York City sparked controversy as fans debated the actor’s health.

The well-liked actor is seen in the video clip making his way from a building to a black SUV that is parked on the curb.

He was dressed in tennis shoes, jeans, a brown jacket, and a baseball cap.

Following a brief slip, the Bruce Almighty actor straightened his gait and stepped into the car all by himself. What worried fans, though, was how slowly he was walking.

The account that posted the video would have viewers believe that fans were concerned about the actor’s well-being, even though he is four years away from turning 90.

The caption read, “Fans are worried about Morgan Freeman’s health,” but the majority of comments expressed different opinions.

Despite being posted a few days ago by the account @dom_lucre, the video was taken on October 25. Freeman was spotted at the time leaving the set of ABC’s “The View” after appearing on the talk show to promote his new Netflix series, Life On Our Planet, an eight-part nature series that immerses viewers in the evolution of life on Earth over billions of years.

After watching the video, some people became less concerned about Freeman’s health, but many others were extremely alarmed because it appeared that the actor had skipped a press conference for his upcoming show earlier in the year.

The Academy Award winner was forced to miss the UK promotional tour for “Special Ops: Lioness” in July due to a bug that prevented him from traveling.

Morgan gave up his signature gray afro and full beard earlier this year, as he has currently been sporting a bald head.