Extreme Makeover? Tyrese Gibson Sued For Altering Airbnb Property; Owner Angry

BY Edwin Lamptey November 22, 2023 1:18 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@tyrese

Actor and musician, Tyrese Gibson, is facing a legal dispute over claims that he altered a rented Airbnb property. 

According to @tmz_tv, Gibson signed a 6-month lease for a luxurious 5-bedroom estate in Woodland Hills for $20,000 per month starting in February 2023. 

The property’s manager, Tracy Wolfe, revealed that soon after Gibson moved in, he began making “excessive alterations” to the home. 

Wolfe explained that Gibson soon began adding structures to the property without prior permission or consent. She revealed that Tyrese not only altered the electrical panels but added electrical outlets that were not up to code. It was also said that he even painted a marble fireplace in a shiny gold metallic color, closing off doors and windows, and causing damage to the HVAC units.

To make matters worse, Wolf alleges that Tyrese allowed a construction crew to drill a bunch of holes all over the home.

She argued that these alterations caused damage and violated the terms of the lease agreement, and as such she had no choice but to take legal action against the Fast And Furious star, by seeking compensation for the alleged damages. 

Wolfe went on to say that the homeowner, Tiffanique Webb, is running out of patience with regard to Gibson’s actions, especially after he stopped responding to calls, texts, and emails.

As a result, Webb is going after Tyrese for more than $25,000 in damages. 

Gibson, however, allegedly recorded himself saying that the changes made were not a significant issue. 

The information available shows that there are clear rules with regard to long-term stays on Airbnb, and all guests are required to know them.

The rules are put in place to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for both the guests and the hosts.

First of all, it is important to note that each Airbnb listing may have its own specific set of rules. These rules can vary depending on the host’s preferences and the type of property being rented.

Common property rules for long-term stays on Airbnb may include restrictions on smoking or pets, quiet hours, limitations on hosting parties or events, and guidelines for maintaining cleanliness and tidiness.

Guests are encouraged to communicate with their hosts if they have any specific needs or requests regarding alterations.

In some cases, hosts may be open to minor modifications such as moving furniture or rearranging items within reason.

However, in this case, the host was absolutely not pleased with the changes allegedly made by Tyrese.