Cardi B Slams Biden Over Budget Cuts, Funding Wars America Can’t Afford: “We’re Gonna Be Drowning In Rats”

BY Edwin Lamptey November 21, 2023 1:21 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@iamcardib, @joebiden

Music and movie star, Cardi B, has lashed out at President Joseph Biden over announced budget cuts. 

A week ago, New York’s mayor, Eric Adams, revealed that a number of the city’s agencies would experience severe cuts in budgets, and this is expected to slash a host of critical municipal services, including trash pickups, afterschool programs, and cops, according to reports.

In a statement released on November 16, the mayor said:

“For months, we have warned New Yorkers about the challenging fiscal situation our city faces. To balance the budget as the law requires, every city agency dug into their own budget to find savings, with minimal disruption to services. And while we pulled it off this time, make no mistake: Migrant costs are going up, tax revenue growth is slowing, and COVID stimulus funding is drying up. No city should be left to handle a national humanitarian crisis largely on its own, and without the significant and timely support we need from Washington, D.C., today’s budget will be only the beginning.”

The news didn’t sit well with New York native Cardi B, and she’s been speaking on it ever since. 

In her first video post, she wondered what would happen to her family members living in the city. 

“What’s going to happen to my nieces, what’s going to happen to my nephews, what’s going to happen to my cousins, my aunts, my friends that’s living in the hood? I’m from the Bronx, I don’t want to see my s–t affected … Everybody be like ‘New York is dirty,’ and it is dirty,” the rapper continued. “And we’re going to get even dirtier with the f—ing budget cut.”

She went on to say, “Crimes are gonna go through the roof because there is a police safety budget cut,” she said, referencing Adams’ cancellation of several police academy classes. “And on top of that there’s a sanitation f—ing budget cut so that means we’re gonna be drowning in rats,” the WAP creator added.

Cardi went ahead to call out President Joseph Biden for funding two wars she believes America isn’t financially well-positioned to afford. 

Chief of Staff Camille Joseph Varlack opined that “by law, we’re required to balance our budget, and this November Financial Plan Update successfully does that with minimal disruptions to services.”