Whoopi Goldberg Reunites With Sister Act 2 Cast To Perform Oh Happy Day On 30th Anniversary, Emotional Video Goes Viral

BY JO Mensah June 11, 2024 10:36 AM EDT
Whoopi Goldberg and Sister Act choir
Whoopi Goldberg and Sister Act choir Photo source: Instagram/@whoopigoldberg, YouTube/@blavity

It has been a whole 30 years already since Whoopi Goldberg’s comic film Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit was released.

In a nostalgic celebration on The View, Goldberg gathered her former co-stars and the talented young actors who portrayed the choir in the beloved 1993 film for a reunion.

Reprising her role as Sister Mary Clarence, Goldberg led the group in recreating one of the film’s iconic musicals, Oh Happy Day. Once again, Ryan Toby, who played Ahmal, took center stage as the lead vocalist. Though Lauryn Hill, who starred as Rita Louise Watson, could not attend, Tanya Trotter stepped in to perform Hill’s part.

The reunion brought together many of the child actors who made up the choir, including Sheryl Lee Ralph, Wendy Makkena, Monica Calhoun, Alex Martin, and others. Whoopi Goldberg was visibly emotional as the former co-stars sang and reminisced about their experiences making the hit film three decades ago.

The star actress reportedly reflected on why the Sister Act movies have maintained their devoted fanbase. She said viewers connect with the youthful characters and nostalgic school setting regardless of their age.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who appeared in the sequel at age 13, sent a video message. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with Goldberg and shared scenes with Lauryn Hill’s singing.

Whoopi Goldberg’s plan for Sisters Act 3

Whoopi Goldberg once stated her desire to create a third Sister Act film, with stars like Keke Palmer and Lizzo.

She said she is collaborating with Tyler Perry to develop the sequel, driven by her need to “have some fun.” Perry is on record to have lamented that the sequel was taking too long to shape up.

She recently asked Pope Francis to even feature in the upcoming Sisters Act 3 movie.