Tyler Perry Says “Sister Act 3” With Whoopi Goldberg Is Taking Too Long: “I’m a Little Annoyed”

BY Edwin Lamptey February 26, 2024 8:35 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@tylerperry

Tyler Perry has expressed his frustration in recent times over the prolonged process of bringing Sister Act 3 to the big screen. 

Together with co-producer, Whoopi Goldberg, he has been eagerly anticipating the right time to activate the process, which was initially announced by Disney in late 2020.

The 54-year-old actor and filmmaker, in a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, revealed that he is impatient about how slow the development of the film is.

“I’m a little annoyed with how long this has taken me. It’s taking so long — like, I’ve done four movies since we started talking about this,” Perry shared.

Notwithstanding his frustration, Perry emphasized his and Goldberg’s unwavering commitment to making the movie a reality.

Opening up on the challenges of production, Perry acknowledged that there are complexities when it comes to working with a studio as important as Disney. 

The idea for the latest sequel to the 1992 film first came up in a discussion between the two film stars during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live in November 2018. 

Perry reportedly teased fans with the prospect of a new Sister Act installment, featuring Tiffany Haddish, alongside Goldberg reprising her iconic role as Deloris, a spirited lounge singer who finds herself seeking refuge in a convent under the guise of a nun in a witness protection program.

As fans wait for that project, Tyler Perry dropped a new film with Kelly Rowland titled Mea Culpa

The film follows the life of a criminal defense attorney who takes on the case of a seductive artiste accused of murdering his girlfriend, but when burning desire takes hold, things get hot and take a dangerous twist.

In other news, Perry, in a heartwarming display of support, the filmmaker has extended a lifeline to actress Cocoa Brown in her time of need. 

Perry’s generous donation of $400,000 brought light into Brown’s life after a devastating fire consumed her home, leaving her and her young son Phoenix in a state of shock and loss. 

Speaking exclusively with @TMZ_TV, Cocoa Brown, known for her roles in For Better or Worse and a range of movies and TV shows, expressed her gratitude for the outpouring of support she has received.