Tyrese And Zelie Timothy Reunite After He Claimed She Dumped Him For Making Music About His Ex-Wife

BY Edwin Lamptey February 17, 2024 10:31 AM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@zelietimothy

Tyrese Gibson and Zelie Timothy are back together, after he apologized for making music about his ex-wife, Samantha Lee.

Zelie went ahead to tell critics that she has no reason to be insecure and does not see herself that way under any circumstances. 

On Monday, February 12, 2024, Gibson revealed details about the breakup when he sent messages to a few celebrities on Instagram, and later revealed that he is no longer with Zelie. 

Two days later, on Valentine’s Day, Gibson posted photos of them together on his Instagram page and informed his fans that he has apologized to Timothy.

He captioned his post by saying: “Apology tours with Leos are very very real. If apologizing would’ve taken me another two weeks, I would’ve did it because you’re worth it. I’m sorry, babe. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day. Zelie, you ARE the BEAUTY that I’ve discovered in my pain.”

The following day, Zelie also took to Instagram to post photos of both of them. In her photos, Gibson was wearing a black tuxedo and held her hand as she wore a long, white, and fluffy dress with a train.

In her caption, she wrote, “The beauty we’ve discovered in this most unexpected dance, Tyrese, I swear these Capricorns are charmers! Babe, I love you and forgive you!” Zelie continued to thank the stylist who brought her the beautiful and “most perfect dress ever.” 

Timothy went ahead to thank the photographer who captured the beautiful moments and added that she is still processing how far Gibson went to make things right.

It did not end there; she further engaged critics in the comments section of her post, one of who predicted that she would still be insecure regardless of the monies given to her. She retorted by saying that the prediction is false and would never be true.