Fans Claim To Have Been Tricked To Believe 21 Savage & Adin Ross Fake Card Scandal; Say It Was Deliberate To Promote “SNL”

BY Edwin Lamptey February 17, 2024 9:26 AM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@21savage, @adinross

Music fans have begun questioning how real the drama between 21 Savage and Adin Ross is, as the rapper performed on SNL.

Questions have been asked concerning rumors that 21 Savage used marked cards to scam hundreds of thousands of dollars out of Ross as many have come to believe it was simply a way to promote 21’s turn on the popular late-night show.

The Rich Flex rapper’s appearance as a music guest on the show came under a cloud of bewilderment, as it was overshadowed by a scandal with Ross and the controversial host, Shane Gillis.

It is alleged that Gillis had briefly served as part of the SNL cast in 2019 before being fired over alleged racist comments.

21’s website also fueled suspicion that it was faked from the start. Days after the scandal, 21 started selling branded dice and cards as merch. The set of three d6 dice and a velvet bag costs $25 while a back of regulation playing cards costs $15. At the time of writing, the playing cards have already sold out. The new merch was released with very little fanfare but it appeared to be inspired by the ongoing scandal with Ross.

During a phone call with Kai Cenat, Adin cleared the air about the situation with 21 Savage. Ross made it clear that he is convinced 21 isn’t responsible for the marked cards used during their high-stakes gambling stream. He added that a member of the musician’s crew ought to be blamed for that.

He went on to confirm that since the stream, he had received a $250K payment from the musician to settle the debt.

It appears the two agreed on $250K after several numbers were suggested following their stream. Available details say 21 initially promised to pay Ross $400K after their streamer discovered the rapper’s team had come with marked cards for their gambling stream.

21 Savage, however, denied any knowledge of the cards but said he would honor his debt and pay Ross the full amount he owed.