Travis Scott Surprises Janitor With $5,000 And A Night Off at Circus Maximus Tour

BY JO Mensah February 3, 2024 9:19 PM EDT
Travis Scott
Travis Scott Photo source: @travisscott

Travis Scott is known for his generous gestures and extravagant shows, but he took it to another level during his Circus Maximus Tour.

The rapper surprised a lucky janitor with a $5,000 bonus and a night off to relax at his concert in Houston on Monday.

The janitor, who was not identified by name, was working at the NRG Stadium when Scott spotted him and decided to give him a shout-out from the stage.

Scott praised the janitor for his hard work and dedication and announced that he would be giving him five racks as a token of appreciation. He also told him to take the rest of the night off and enjoy the show.

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause as the janitor was escorted to a VIP section by Scott’s security team. The janitor was visibly moved by the gesture and thanked Scott for his kindness. Scott then proceeded to perform his next song, which got the sold-out crowd dancing and singing along.

The Circus Maximus Tour is Scott’s fourth headlining tour, and it features a massive stage design inspired by ancient Rome.

The tour kicked off on January 25 in Los Angeles and will wrap up on March 18 in New York. Scott is promoting his latest album, Utopia, which was released in November 2023 and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

Scott has been making headlines for his philanthropic efforts and his involvement in various causes. He recently donated $100,000 to a Houston-based organization that provides legal aid to low-income residents.

Travis Scott’s Aggro Dr1ft Movie Tour To Start At An LA Strip Club

Meanwhile, Travis Scott is taking his fans on a wild ride with his new film, Aggro Dr1ft, which he co-produced and starred in.

The film, directed by Harmony Korine, the visionary behind Spring Breakers and Kids, is a gritty and surreal thriller that follows a ruthless assassin in Miami.

But instead of a conventional theatrical release, Scott and his team have decided to launch a unique and immersive movie tour that will take place in unconventional venues across the country, starting with a strip club in Los Angeles.