Taylor Swift Sets New All-time Record On Apple Music

BY JO Mensah December 4, 2023 6:11 AM EDT
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Photo source: Instagram/@taylorswift

Global pop icon Taylor Swift continues smashing records, hitting new Apple Music milestones to cap a successful year.

Most-Streamed Apple Music Artist of All Time

Swift was crowned Apple Music’s Artist Of The Year as well as most-streamed female artist ever this year. She also notched the platform’s largest album debut by a woman with her record-shattering release “Midnights.”

Beyond streaming numbers, Swift’s songs have dominated Apple’s Global Daily Top 100 rankings. An unprecedented 12 different tracks from “Midnights” have led the influential chart.

“In the first 10 months of 2023, she saw 65 songs reach Apple Music’s Global Daily Top 100 — more than any other artist,” said the platform in a press release.

Taylor Swift also dominated Spotify

Swift’s success was not only limited to Apple Music as she also dominated on Spotify where she was declared the Topmost Global Artist.

Reacting to the feat, the Americn singer had lots of gratitude for anyone who listened to her song this year.

She has thanked her fans nonetheless, saying the recognition is the best birthday gift she could have received.

Harvard and University of Florida offer courses on Taylor Swift

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift’s rise as a music artiste has been phenomenal and even the people in academia are impressed.

For this, more college courses focused on the iconic pop star have been introduced into the academic syllabus for 2024.

Notably, Harvard University, one of the world’s most prestigious institutions, and the University of Florida will kick off the spring semester with classes delving into the world of the 33-year-old singer.