Relationship Goals: Offset Reflects On Rebuilding Trust With Cardi B After Cheating Scandal

BY Dora Dzaka October 20, 2023 4:01 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Offset

Set It Off rapper, Offset has learned his lesson on how to address problems discreetly, despite the fact that he and Cardi B’s marriage has had a lot of public ups and downs.

Offset reflected on the turbulent nature of his prior on-and-off relationship with the Bongos rapper, who had broken up with him numerous times in the past amid claims that he was unfaithful, during a recent Call Her Daddy appearance.

After a brief romance, the couple secretly married in 2017. They have maintained a solid relationship despite their ups and downs, which included Cardi B filing for divorce twice until she decided against it.

Offset spoke on the public’s reaction to his prior infidelity, namely the way that supporters keep bringing it up online, saying, “I feel like people dive into negativity.” Plus, my wife does everything else to the latter, so that’s the only thing you can attack because I feel like there will be a hate train of people who don’t like her. We’re all just humans, but I don’t like that rubbish. At the end of the day, it does have an impact on our home, but we move on, get over it, and mature. I got married at a relatively young age—26 years old and a megastar—and it was the quickest marriage ever. I committed errors.”

The rapper claims that he and his wife have reached a stage where they reject the opinions of others. “Live your life and stay out of mine,” said the Open It Up crooner.

The Grammy nominee acknowledges that it required effort for him and Cardi to rebuild their trust in one another in terms of their relationship. The ex-Migos member admits that he had to work on being selfish and respecting his wife’s stance, adding that they both practiced “being more communicative about issues.”

Communication is key; not communicating messes up things. Since you acted selfishly, they must now reciprocate, and you must console them. I am fortunate to have one, and I don’t want to lose her for nothing. I adore her utterly. I never want to be separated from my children—my son, my daughters—because of my stupid choices. Offset later clarified how his actions had an impact on his family,” the rapper opined.

“She always had my back, good or wrong. To improve one another is our shared goal. She excels at social; therefore, I pay attention to her social advice,” continued Offset.

He stated of his wife, whom he described as ‘my bestie’, “I play behind the scenes; it’s the music, so I want to make sure she wins. We work well together. We’re a powerhouse at this point.”

On September 20, the pair celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary. Offset surprised Cardi with a stunning display of flowers and candles in their front entryway.

Cardi B posted a video of the spectacle on Instagram, in which she can be seen standing on the front step of the home while Beyoncé’s Summertime is playing in the background.

Although there have been ups and downs in the couple’s relationship, they have remained together. Cardi B’s faith in Offset has been restored because of his honesty and desire to mend their relationship.

The couple has discovered how to get past their problems and develop as a unit. Offset’s experience serves as a reminder that trust is crucial to a happy relationship. After trust has been betrayed, it takes time, work, and commitment to restore it. In any relationship, but particularly in a marriage, communication is essential to developing trust.