Girl Power: Angela Bassett, Other Stars Set To Narrate National Geo’s Monumental “Natural History” Series

BY Dora Abena Dzaka October 19, 2023 8:12 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A star-studded lineup of narrators for upcoming natural history programs has been revealed by National Geographic. The new television program, Queens, which incorporates matriarchies and female leaders from all around the world to convey a tale of sacrifice and resilience but also of friendship and love, has Angela Bassett as its executive producer and narrator.

These queens don’t always act kindly or delicately, putting nothing in the way of their success or the security of their families.

Angela Bassett has experienced this before because, in 2018, she provided the narration for The Flood, a National Geographic documentary about the species that inhabit the Okavango Delta in central Africa.

The Delta, which is surrounded by the Kalahari Desert, is one of the last really wild places on earth. Every year, the enormous flood replenishes the ecosystem, attracting animals like hippos, leopards, elephants, and lions. The struggle for survival starts as the floods start to recede.

According to National Geographic, Queens will “bring the natural world into focus through the female lens for the very first time, led by the award-winning actress Angela Bassett’s powerful narration.”

In the field of natural history, the four-year project, directed by a female-led production team from around the globe, is revolutionary. The seven-part series uses cutting-edge technology to uncover unexpected insights into how females ascend to dominance in the natural world, frequently depending on cooperation and wisdom instead of physical strength to succeed.

The series’ final episode honors the ladies who have risked everything and devoted their entire careers to studying and preserving animal queens.

A Real Bug’s Life, a National Geographic Disney+ Original, will be narrated by Awkwafina, while Incredible Animal Journeys will be narrated by Jeremy Renner (“Avengers” and “Rennervations”).

“A Natural History” series’ success is greatly influenced by the narrator’s voice. According to Tom McDonald, executive vice president, Global Factual and Unscripted Content, National Geographic, “Angela, Awkwafina, and Jeremy, each in their own way, bring such a tremendous amount of charisma, personality, and passion to these distinctive projects. We are thrilled and pleased to have such accomplished storytellers leading our audiences on these epic wildlife adventures, from Awkwafina’s wit to Jeremy’s tenderness and Angela’s Shakespearean sense of drama.”