Nicki Minaj Angrily Reacts As Her Unreleased “Bahm Bahm” Song Gets Leaked Online Ahead Of Schedule

BY Edwin Lamptey November 23, 2023 12:47 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@nickiminaj

Nicki Minaj is reportedly infuriated that a track from her upcoming album, Pink Friday 2, has illegally found its way to streaming platforms. 

With about one week to the release of the much-anticipated album, her fans are keenly waiting, as the musician has been teasing them with snippets of the album for months now. 

Fans reacted to the release of the possible album cover with comments such as “Trying to look like Cardi B… girl bye,” – criticizing some heavy effects used in the picture.

But as you’d expect, there are still plenty of Barbz looking forward to the new album regardless.

“The Queen. Y’all can talk about looks, yall can talk about everything else but the talent can never be denied,” and “She’s coming. The best album of 2023 is weeks away” 

Reports show that the timetable for the album’s release appears to be on schedule, though the acclaimed queen of rap appears to have made some changes to the album. 

Per a report by, the New York-raised rapper released a track from the album, Bahm Bahm, and was shocked when it landed on streaming platforms, as it was meant for her website only. 

Fans were calling for it on readily available services, but Nicki was adamant and was subsequently left speechless to learn from her fans that it had been leaked on streaming platforms. 

In a since-deleted tweet, Nicki slammed the streaming services and demanded it be taken down immediately.

“Oh hello no! I want all my money back from this thievery! That would’ve been at least an extra 6 to 7 dollars & like 48 cents added to my real account b!ch.”

Soon after the leak, the song reportedly jumped to number 14 on Apple Music’s top Hip-Hop and Rap Songs chart.

The leak and Nicki’s subsequent reaction have led to several questions in the music industry with regard to the planned release of the album. 

Questions such as whether Nicki would release it to Digital Service Providers (DSPs) or not, in the wake of the leak, remain to be seen.