Meek Mill cries as probation reform bill gets passed Philly

BY JO Mensah December 19, 2023 1:28 PM EDT
Meek Mill
Meek Mill Photo source: Instagram/@meekmill

Philadelphia-born rapper Meek Mill was moved to tears during the recent signing of Pennsylvania’s groundbreaking probation reform bill SB838.

Meek Mill who has been a key advocate for the bill in a years-long fight for for reformation in the justice system could not just hold his emotions.

In a video, the rapper stood alongside fellow advocate Michael Rubin and Governor Josh Shapiro at the National Constitution Center. He shared his deeply personal struggles with probation violations, including missing his child’s school event due to state border restrictions.

“I don’t want to get emotional because it’s a lot,” he said through tears. “They labeled us ‘felons,’ sent us back to jail. I had to fight against that the whole time to gain my respect.” His raw words quickly went viral.

Meek Mill’s years of struggle

Meek’s impassioned speech was not just for the cameras. It represented over five years of him championing probation reforms alongside Rubin’s REFORM Alliance after falling victim.

The Too Good To Be True rapper’s journey with the justice system goes deeply with his past. In 2008, a youthful error landed him on probation for drug and firearm charges. A decade later, a technical violation resulted in a two-to-four-year sentence, sending him back behind bars for five months. His eventual release in 2018 fueled his relentless fight for reform, culminating in this momentous victory.

With the passing of SB838, countless Pennsylvanians now have greater second chances, free from overly harsh probation restrictions. For Meek Mill, the tears represented years of personal trauma and triumph, now turned into real change.

Philly rapper hints at 2nd trip to Africa

Meawnhile, Meek Mill has thrown his fans in Africa into a state of excitement after hinting at a ‘second coming’ to the continent.

The Ima Boss hitmaker took to his official X account (formerly Twitter) to indicate that he was keen on visiting Africa again.

His post did not come as a surprise to many as the 36-year-old’s initial trip to Africa was considered a huge success filled with unforgettable memories.