Low Sale Forecast Hangs Over “Too Good to Be True” Album; Meek Mill Thinks Otherwise As He Banks on ‘Fan Love’

BY Dora Abena Dzaka November 15, 2023 6:24 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @ Rick Ross

As “Too Good to Be True” forecasts show a rather low sale following its launch, Meek Mill is unperturbed and has indicated that, “the streets love this album,” – his defense of sales projections for his collaborative album with Rick Ross.

It is expected that the recently launched album will sell 35,000 units in its first week of availability.

The rapper posted on social media earlier this week in response to the public’s reaction to the Too Good to Be True sales predictions, as several fans seemed dissatisfied with the figures.

By citing a change in industry norms regarding album releases compared to prior years, Meek appeared to support the predictions.

“If it said 350k, it means Ross and I are on track to sell 35k in the first week of posting. The Philadelphia native wrote, “We drop music on Fridays because I’m too nice and rich to be rapping in a controlled music environment. It doesn’t make sense.”

He continued by saying that he and other rappers are now developing the technology that will allow them to provide “musical subscriptions” to customers directly in the future.

“Now that we all own our music, we’re building the technology to sign people up for our music subscriptions, and we’re going to let the consumer know directly how well rap is doing,” the Ima Boss crooner said.

The seasoned rapper continued by highlighting the favorable reviews that Too Good to Be True has garnered, in addition to the fact that he and Rozay officially “own” the album.

“The streets also adore this album! I’m making the most of my talent right now because I now own all of my music! It was the elite rap for winners and hustlers,” the 36-year-old noted.

Feeling dissatisfied with the discussion surrounding Too Good to Be True’s sales forecasts, Meek went on to criticize social media users who were disparaging individuals to gain influence. “Being mentally ill while idly daydreaming about other people’s lives on social media! I’ve witnessed far too many people experience it! It resembles the zombie effect with clout,” he wrote.

Meek concluded his tirade by pointing out that a lot of the musicians who seemed to get more support from their record labels were unable to achieve notable sales. He wrote, “A lot of those guys they marketed in front of us can’t make $100k today. I never wanted to be on billboards.” “I want that market too; if people think that, I’m hungry, lol.”

On Friday, November 10, Too Good to Be True was formally released through the Maybach Music label, which presently holds an exclusive license with Gamma.

The album’s lineup includes the best in hip-hop, such as DJ Khaled, Wale, The Dream, French Montana, Future, Fabolous, Teyana Taylor, and DJ Khaled. There’s also a collaboration with Cool & Dre on the third track, Go To Hell.