Family Feud: John Amos and Family In Fierce Battle With Each Other; Here’s Why

BY Nii Ogbamey Tetteh November 13, 2023 10:13 PM EDT
Source: Instagram.com/@christopherbarrphotography

The children of veteran African-American Hollywood actor John Amos appear to be in a fierce battle over the Roots star’s care, his legacy and his love.

According to a report in July, Amos’ 53-year-old son, K.C., landed himself in jail in New Jersey after his 57-year-old daughter, Shannon, claimed that K.C. had sent her “terroristic” threats over text messages that made her believe that her life was in danger. Among them was a picture of a weapon with the description, “It can clean a turkey out from three football fields away.”

It was the most recent of the siblings’ dramatic, media-grabbing incidents of the year. The entire family feud is all about a misunderstanding over their father’s care. The assertions and refutations evoke Gothic drama: illness, fixation, retaliation, dishonesty, and insanity. Unfortunately, Each of the kids believes they’re innocent and the other is nefarious.

Their 83-year-old father, who is one of the respected names in Hollywood, hates the fact that his family’s life has become the center of the media rumor mill. He has in the past affirmed his confidence in his children while expressing his love for them both.

“Whatever we’re going through is our business, not the business of the public,” the Coming to America star said.

However, in their rivalry, the siblings have demonstrated a shared willingness to override that privacy-seeking instinct by using social media and, in their interactions with journalists, by submitting private documents to support their positions — even if doing so could undermine or humiliate their father.

Since the beginning of this year, John Amos and his son K.C. have been traveling the nation with the latter documenting their travels on TikTok like a buddy comedy. While his daughter Shannon and other people in the actor’s personal and professional circles have seen the spectacle with disquietude, particularly as it has involved stays at medical institutions in different states.

In contrast, John finds it difficult to talk about his issues in public. However, he acknowledges that his acting ability has grown as a result of the difficulties he has personally endured as a parent in the years since he played James Evans Sr.: “Every life experience I’ve had, the good, the horrible, has changed me for the better.”