Mary J Blige Set To Launch Line Of Her Famous Boot Collection 

BY Dora Dzaka January 26, 2024 11:22 PM EDT
Photo Source: Wiki Commons

In addition to her fame as a singer and actress, Mary J. Blige is well-known for wearing thigh-high boots and it makes perfect sense that she will soon launch her collection of boots, which will capture her unique New York aesthetic.

Mary J. Blige revealed that something big is in the works as the Yonkers native revealed her intentions to introduce a boot collection, a style decision that mirrored her decades-long posturing in thigh-high boots—both on and off stage.

In an interview with Big Tigger on The Big Tigger Morning Show, the 52-year-old superstar said that she intended to go into the shoe business.

“Where is the boot line,” pressed the radio host.

“It’s a thing,” confirmed the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.

After Big Tigger asked if he could get a pair of Mary J. Blige boots this winter holiday season, the conversation continued to provide listeners with information about when to anticipate the shoes to launch.

The Be Without You singer cried out, “Christmas! We’re not even planning to start production just yet… It won’t happen right now [laughs], but it will in about two years… all well, a year…I am resolving the matter”.

The Grammy Award-winning singer will release new music on a more faster schedule, while fans eagerly await the chance to adopt her signature style. She mentioned in the same 20-minute talk that this summer is when her new song should be available.

Mary J. Blige, who received the 2024 Urban One Icon Award recipient said, “I’m working on a project. A pleasant surprise for my followers.”

Mary J. Blige is another famous person to venture into the world of fashion; her upcoming boot line is anticipated to increase her already substantial $20 million net worth, which she amassed through her successful acting career, which took off after 50 Cent cast her in his Power: Book II.