Lil Yachty: Rapper Hints At Possible Collaborative Album With Drake

BY Dora Abena Dzaka October 27, 2023 11:50 AM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty has given rise to rumors that Drake may collaborate with him on an album in the future.

The rapper hinted at the notion recently, saying that they had already discussed it. In a YouTube vlog, the 26-year-old talked about how people’s desire for a full-length project from the duo was growing.

In a recent video with Our Generation Music, the One Night rapper was questioned about the concept of a collaborative album with Drizzy because the two usually collaborate.

Lil Yachty hinted that they had talked about it earlier and that anything might happen when Drake returned from his previously announced music hiatus.

Yachty replied: “Yeah, we talked about it before. It sounds pleasant, doesn’t it? It will probably take him some time to catch his breath. I’m going to use the upcoming year to assess my circumstances, and we’ll talk more about it later. I’m going to put the pedal on the floor while he takes a break. We can then determine what’s wrong after that.

We’ve previously discussed it… Yes, that would be pleasant.” Yachty expressed the notion.

But he pointed out that an album like that probably wouldn’t come out for years because Drake has made references to taking a sabbatical from music after the release of For All The Dogs.

Yachty most recently had an appearance on Drake’s current album, specifically on the song Another Late Night, which recently had a Cole Bennett-directed music video.

Yachty’s comment about music icon Billie Eilish’s breasts in the song made waves on social media and provoked a response from the singer herself. The native of Georgia previously collaborated with Drake on the remix to his hit Poland in 2022 and on his song Oprah’s Bank Account with DaBaby in 2020.

Drake mentioned in a conversation with Yachty earlier this year that he planned to make a “graceful exit” from music and the spotlight.

Since Lil Yachty and Drake have grown close in recent years, Lil Boat joked that he would release an embarrassing video of the 6 God crooner instead of wishing him a traditional birthday.

Given that the pair have worked together on multiple musical projects, the pals recently thought back to when the rapper from “Minnesota” posted an embarrassing video of Drizzy eating a “glizzy,” on his Instagram Story on Tuesday, October 24 the same day as Drake’s 37th birthday.

He posted a selfie with the caption, “Thinking about if I want to drop this video of Drake eating a glizzy.”

Yachty decided against it, and Drake celebrated turning 37 without having a video of him eating a hot dog go viral.