Beyoncé Unboxes New Perfume Line Ce Noir In Video, Price And Other Details Drop

BY JO Mensah October 26, 2023 12:15 AM EDT
Beyonce Photo source: Instagram/@beyonce

American superstar Beyoncé has set the internet abuzz with her new project, a perfume range called Ce Noir.

Beyoncé announced her forthcoming perfume line, Ce Noir, revealing it retails for $160. Available for pre-order in the United States and Canada on her website. Bottles of CÉ NOIR will begin to ship next month.

This exciting revelation has ignited a wave of anticipation among her devoted fan base.

Beyoncé unboxes her new Ce Noir perfume

The music star released a video showing what is in the box of the Ce Noir perfume. The video, in black and white, showed Beyoncé with a bottle of the perfume saying:

“This is my CÉ NOIR unboxing and it’s finally here after years of work, where I wanted something to be monolithic, and I wanted to have a little bit of intimacy, so right here, you can see inside the soul of the perfume,” she told the camera in a black-and-white video showing off the perfume’s angular design. “I actually spray this during the show a few times, gotta keep it fresh. And that is CE NOIR, say no more.

Beyoncé’s 2nd perfume line

Beyoncé, who is a well-known musician and entertainer, first ventured into the world of fragrances in 2010 with her Heat perfume. The fragrance quickly captured the hearts of her fans and perfume enthusiasts alike, becoming the best-selling celebrity perfume at the time.

With the announcement of “Ce Noir,” many fans are speculating that she aims to reclaim her throne in the world of celebrity fragrances.

Beyoncé’s impact on the fragrance industry cannot be overstated. Her previous perfume, Heat, was celebrated for its sultry and captivating scent, which perfectly complemented the star’s powerful and charismatic image. Its success was marked not only by its sales but by the numerous awards it garnered.

The anticipation for Ce Noir is growing, and Beyoncé’s fans have expressed their excitement on social media. Many of them believe that her latest venture will not only match the success of “Heat” but may even surpass it.

Beyoncé has always been a trendsetter and influencer in the world of fashion and beauty. Her previous fragrance, “Heat,” was celebrated for its striking and distinctive fragrance notes, making it a must-have for her fans and fragrance enthusiasts. With “

Ce Noir, Beyoncé is expected to introduce a new, unique scent that will captivate her audience once more.

Jay-Z weighs in on ‘$500k or dinner’ debate

Meanwhile, Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z has finally weighed in on the trending debate of “$500k or with Jay-Z”.

In an interview on CBS Mornings, Jay-Z shared his thoughts on the long-standing internet debate: “Would you choose $500,000 or the opportunity to have lunch with the rap icon?”