Jay-Z Chooses Between $500k And Lunch With Himself

BY JO Mensah October 24, 2023 8:07 PM EDT
Jay-Z Photo source: YouTube/CBS Mornings

American rapper Jay-Z has finally weighed in on the trending debate of “$500k or with Jay-Z”.

In an interview on CBS Mornings, Jay-Z shared his thoughts on the long-standing internet debate: “Would you choose $500,000 or the opportunity to have lunch with the rap icon?”

Lunch with me is a bad deal

For years, this hypothetical question has sparked countless debates, memes, and discussions across the web.

Recently, Jay-Z encountered a fan who said he would choose the money over the lunch. His response got many wondering what the rapper would prefer, and now we have our answer.

In no uncertain terms, Jay-Z made it clear that he would pick the $500,000 without hesitation. “The choice is simple,” Jay-Z said during the interview.

 “The choice is simple, I’d take the $500,000. Having dinner with me? That’s a bad deal.”

For those who have followed his music and career closely, this decision might not surprise them.

The musician suggested that he has already shared all the wisdom and knowledge about wealth and success through his music.

His discography, spanning several decades, is filled with lyrics that touch on his journey from a tough Brooklyn neighbourhood to becoming a successful entrepreneur, artist, and businessman.

Watch the video below:

Jay-Z touches on other endeavors

Jay-Z’s decision sparked a new wave of discussions on social media and beyond. Some agreed with his choice, pointing to the vast wealth of knowledge that can be found in his lyrics.

Others, however, expressed disappointment, stating that having dinner with a living legend could be a priceless experience.

The interview also touched on the rapper’s ongoing endeavors outside of music, such as his business ventures and philanthropic work.

He emphasized the importance of economic empowerment and giving back to the community. The rapper has been involved in various charitable initiatives and advocates for positive change.