Kodak Black’s Florida Drug Charge Dismissed But Still Remains In Custody

BY JO Mensah February 10, 2024 12:59 PM EDT
Kodak Black
Kodak Black Photo source: Instagram/@kodakblack

A drug possession charge against rapper Kodak Black, real name Bill Kapri, in Florida has been dismissed, but he remains in federal custody.

The charge, related to oxycodone pills found when Black was arrested in December, was dismissed on Friday, February 9.

According to AP, the charges were dropped after the presiding judge pointed out that the prosecution could not confirm if the rapper did not have a prescription.

Despite being left off the hook in the Florida case, Kodak Black is to remain in custody as he battles a federal case.

Black’s legal troubles began on December 7 when he was charged with drug possession and evidence tampering during a traffic stop. This caused his bond to be revoked in a separate federal case.

According to police, they found cannabis, white powder, and other drugs in Black’s vehicle when they approached it. The rapper’s attorney is working to get the federal tampering charge dropped as well.

Kodak Black admits to abusing prescription drugs

In an Instagram Live video after his December arrest, Kodak Black denied using cocaine but admitted to abusing prescribed Percocet pills. He said the Percocet was prescribed after he was shot in early 2022.

While the state drug charge has been dismissed, Kodak Black remains in federal custody. His lawyer hopes to get him released now that the initial arrest charge has been dropped.

Drake slams judge and jail staff on Young Thug’s case

Meanwhile, Drake recently expressed his outrage over a leaked video of Young Thug in jail.

The video, which was posted online, shows Young Thug having a phone conversation with his girlfriend Mariah The Scientist.

Drake, who is a close friend and collaborator of Young Thug, was appalled by the leaked video. He took to social media to slam the judge presiding over the case, Ural Glanville. He also slammed the jail staff for allowing it to happen.

“This gotta be some form of jail misconduct,” he wrote in a comment on Akademiks’ Instagram post, which shared the video.