Kodak Black Arrested In Florida For Cocaine Possession, Slapped With Other Charges 

BY Edwin Lamptey December 8, 2023 5:25 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@kodakblack

Rapper Kodak Black, per a report by NBC Miami, has been arrested in South Florida. 

He has been charged with tampering and fabrication of physical evidence, possession of cocaine, and improperly parking or stopping a vehicle. 

Black, nee Bill Kapri, was booked into the Broward County jail Thursday, December 7, 2023, and he was reportedly arrested in Plantation. 

Information available shows that this isn’t the first time that the 26-year-old rapper has been arrested

In July 2022, he was pulled over in Fort Lauderdale after Florida Highway Patrol troopers noticed his expired tags. 

The authorities found 31 oxycodone tablets and $74,960 in cash in the vehicle. 

Earlier in 2023, he failed to submit to a random drug and alcohol test in February and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He took the test on February 8, and traces of Fentanyl were noticed. As a result, his release was revoked, and a Broward judge permitted him to attend a 30-day drug treatment program.

The rapper, on October 28 this year, caused a stir after he appeared on Drink Champs. Kodak was seen in a questionable state, which caught the attention of numerous celebrities. 

According to Ray J, Kodak needs help and that he “did the most” when meeting Donald Trump.

“Yo somebody need to grab bro and make sure he good,” Ray J said at the time. “This aint the interview N.O.R.E. We gotta help this dude. I took him to Trump house and he did the most. They were not happy with the experience bc he had no guidance and respect. Yo @wack100 let’s figure out how we can he help this guy instead of watching him self destruct.”

Bradford Cohen, who is Kodak’s lawyer, has, however, expressed his opinion about how many people are showing fake concern for his client. 

“Kodak Black has all these positive things going on since we procured him the pardon from President Trump. Clothing lines and new collabs. Charitable actions (mostly anonymous), scholarship awards, and more. People who feign concern yet reach out on social media are not genuine people. Just to clear some things up,” he wrote on Instagram.