Internet Teases Nick Cannon For Playing Mariah Carey Song While With Other Baby Mama Bre Tiesi (Video)

BY Edwin Lamptey December 6, 2023 2:19 PM EDT
Photo Source: Instagram/@mariahcarey, @nickcannon, @bre_tiesi

In a new video skit that has since gone viral, Nick Cannon appears to have made his baby mama, Bre Tiesi, jealous. 

In the video, which was shared on social media, Cannon’s followers caught the not-so-subtle cameo from another of the Wild ‘n Out star’s famous exes.

In the video, which was captioned “When Your Baby Mama Meets Your Work Wife”, Tiesi appears to be progressively annoyed by Cannon’s close relationship with one of his coworkers, played by Venezuelan-born YouTuber Lele Pons.

As Cannon and Tiesi walk into a room, Pons and the father of 12 children rush into each other’s arms for a long hug in which the YouTube star comically tries to sniff Cannon’s cologne.

The two then share inside jokes about a “work trip” to Cabo as Tiesi comedically fumes at her man, finally suggesting they leave to get lunch. Pons quickly pulls out a box and reveals she already brought food for Cannon.

“She makes you lunch?” the real estate agent asks. Be My Baby by Mariah Carey starts to play in the background.

“Not only lunch. Massages,” Pons adds and begins to rub his shoulders as “Always” Fans flooded the comments section to poke fun at Cannon for using a song by his ex-wife and the mother of his first two children – 12-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan – in a skit with Tiesi.

“Bro really played a Mariah song. Nick Cannon knows what he’s doing and he is unashamed,” one follower wrote, while another quipped, “Not … the other baby momma music playing in the background!!!! IM CRYING 😂😂🤣🤣,” one fan wrote.

Another social media user quipped, “It’s the Mariah playing for me…. It’s like he spending his whole [life] trying to replace her,” a third fan wrote. “YOU WONT EVER in Nick Knack Patty WHACK life find another… you had one job Nick… to keep the Diva happy.”

Reports show that Bre Tiesi always has another baby aside from daddy Nick Cannon.