Power Series: Real-Life “Ghost” Sues 50 Cent For $1 Billion; Here’s Why

BY Dora Dzaka December 6, 2023 1:21 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @50 Cent

Online sources claim that an alleged real-life “Ghost” wants his piece of ‘Power as 50 Cent is being sued for $1 billion.

The former drug lord going by the street name “Ghost” filed a lawsuit against Courtney Kemp, Starz, Lionsgate, 50 Cent, and his highly acclaimed TV series for allegedly basing most of Power’s plot on his life without getting his consent.

Cory Holland Sr., an alleged former drug kingpin, is suing 50 Cent known in real life as Curtis Jackson, in two different lawsuits.

According to him, the storylines are exact replicas of his life, taken from a series of recordings he made in 2007 as part of a campaign to teach at-risk youth about the dangers of street life.

There are two filings: one for $1 billion and the other for $300 million.

“This is not one of those lawsuits from a deranged fan or somebody trying to capitalize off someone else’s success,” Holland stated in the complaint.

“This concerns the actual theft of my life, the harm it has caused, and the financial gain the defendants have reaped from taking my life story and publishing it without my permission,” he added.

Holland claims in a different lawsuit that 50 Cent physically attacked him.

Along with other charges, Holland is requesting $300 million for the deliberate infliction of emotional distress and carelessness in hiring and retention.

“Plaintiff’s claim that he suffered from severe emotional distress is undermined by the allegations that Plaintiff owns a weapon and he and his family repeatedly tried to confront Jackson,” 50 Cent’s legal team allegedly wrote in court documents.

It continued, “The alleged conduct—Jackson ‘came to plaintiff’s home and neighborhood’—took place over a year before this action was commenced. Around late July or early August 2021, Plaintiff can’t remember exactly your honor, but defendant Jackson decided to come to the Plaintiff’s neighborhood, not once but twice. This claim is thus untimely. The assault claim should, therefore, be dismissed for failure to state a claim because the First Amended Complaint is devoid of any allegations to support such a claim against Jackson.”

The lawsuit filed by Cory Holland Sr. also aims to stop Lionsgate Entertainment from basing future productions on his true story.

The $1 billion lawsuit is still pending.