Ciara Left Stunned After Discovering That New York Yankees Legend Derek Jeter Is Her Cousin

BY Edwin Lamptey January 3, 2024 4:37 PM EDT
Photo Source: @derekjeter, @ciara

Celebrated songbird, Ciara, has been left in a state of disbelief after finding out that she is related to New York Yankees legend, Derek Jeter. 

The musician, who is married to Denver Broncos star, Russell Wilson, was mildly surprised to learn that she is a cousin to the superstar athlete. 

The revelation came up during her appearance on a recent episode of the PBS show ‘Finding Your Roots,’ which is hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr.

The show allows participants to trace their roots and their ancestry, as well as determine if they are distantly related to any other stars.

When Ciara was told that she was distant cousins with the New York Yankees legend she screamed: “What in the world? You are kidding me!” “Derek Jeter! That is crazy!”

Gates Jr. proceeded to reveal the connection between the singer and the baseball legend, and how they both come from a long identical stretch of DNA on their 14th chromosome.

Excited about the revelations, Ciara’s husband, NFL quarterback Russell Wilson wrote on X that he isn’t too surprised. 

Ciara and Jeter each recently welcomed their fourth child. Jeter and his wife Hannah welcomed their son Kaius last May, while Ciara and Wilson welcomed their daughter Amora in August 2023.

In an exclusive revealed with TODAY, the host, Henry Louis Gates Jr. also welcomed Alanis Morissette onto the show, where she shared a story about her grandfather’s two brothers.

Speaking on the Canadian singer’s heritage, Gates Jr. indicated that she did not know that they perished in the Holocaust

Also, her family had shielded her from the pain of the Holocaust by not telling her that she had Jewish heritage until she was 28 years old.

Gates Jr. revealed that, unlike the rest of the show’s previous seasons, the 10th season will feature three non-celebrity guests for the first time. 

He said, their stories were just as interesting and riveting as stories of celebrities.