Charlamagne Tha God Says He Regrets Voting For Kamala Harris; Here’s Why

BY Abena Dzaka January 3, 2024 3:54 PM EDT
Photo Credit: Facebook @Charlamagne Tha God

The “Breakfast Club” host, Charlamagne Tha God has delved into murky issues and has indicated that feels the Biden-Harris campaign in 2020 made some false promises.

In a new interview, Charlamagne Tha God said he has regretted backing Kamala Harris for vice president in 2020 and said she “disappeared” in the White House.

The radio host explained that one of the reasons he supported Vice President Kamala Harris was due to her focus on mental health initiatives, but he said she never followed through with her ideas once elected.

Charlamagne added that he feels “burned” by believing her and Joe Biden’s claims. “I’ve learned my lesson from doing that. Once they got in the White House, she kind of disappeared,” he said.

Charlamagne Tha God is also hurt over the situation since he knows his listeners take his opinions to heart: “When I give people my word like, ‘Yo man, I think we should be supporting Kamala Harris for vice president… because she’s going to hold it down.’ When we say those things and people don’t see her holding it down, that causes issues.”

Charlamagne Tha God also said fans have even come up to him and said things like, “‘Damn, you told us to vote for [them]. Do you know how many people say that to me all the time?”

Charlamagne believes both political parties need new faces at the forefront, and he thinks Democrats could pull ahead in voting if they introduced a younger candidate for the Oval Office.

“The point is, we don’t need Biden to beat Donald Trump,” he stated while guest hosting an episode of The Daily Show last month. “Biden’s not getting any younger, he’s not going to get any more popular, and he’s not getting a new running mate.”

“Please, Mr. President, give America the ultimate Christmas gift and step aside,” he concluded. “I appreciate you caring, but I don’t like our chances.”

While some think Charlamagne isn’t the right person to listen to when it comes to politics, political strategist Donna Brazile thinks otherwise.

“I have enormous respect for him; he’s one of the greatest influences of our time,” she said. “He represents a different generation, a different voice, and he reaches people that typically do not follow the breaking news each day.

However, Donald Trump doesn’t have his vote either, noting, “In 2024, it’s a race between the cowards, the crooks, and the couch.”